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random facts about me

i'm 24 and i still don't know how to ride a bike, but i'm learning how to drive to redeem myself

at 10 years old i stepped on a toothpick and it entered my foot horizontally somehow, had to get surgery and walk with a weird shoe at school for a month, a very painful experience

i'm half Spanish and half Brazilian, but was born in Switzerland - so i speak 4 languages but none of them properly...

i've worked as an admin assistant and receptionist before being a full-time musician - so happy & grateful i get to follow my dreams every day

all my life i wanted to move to New York after school but London was the cheaper, closer and more obvious choice. am actually very happy to be here

literally everybody misspells my name and adds an H. if you read this, i expect u to never make that mistake EVER AGAIN

i once sang in spanish for an online casino ad (don't judge i needed the money)

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